RIP La-a

For the last couple years a staple of my comedy act has been about my fat cousin Keisha and our encounter at McDonald’s with a girl named La-a (pronouced “Luh-DASH-uh, …). I won’t tell you that it has been one of my most popular bits; see for yourself!

You will also see some pretty hateful comments calling my comedic integrity into question.  I don’t check on clips of me very often so my ego was somewhat deflated to see so many people calling me a hack and a thief. 

Not too long ago a friend and fellow comedian called me — using that voice that you only use for some bad news — to tell me that Key and Peele did a La-a joke on their TV show. 

I did not steal La-a, nor can I claim to be its originator. I encountered a real(ly unfortunate) young lady with that name at a college fair of all places. Through the years, though, I’ve had more than one comic come up to me to tell me they’ve heard someone “stealing” my bit.   

What does any of this have to do with you? Well if you’re a fan of that particular joke, it means that you’re somewhat out of luck. More importantly though, it serves as a really solid example that sometimes in life a good idea or plan doesn’t work out in the way one hopes. Instead of getting upset or spending time worrying about it, it is best to move on, regroup, and take a new couse of action. Initially I was nervous to lose a solid 5+ minute chunk of my act, but now I am motivated to replace that bit with even better material. In the process of refining who I am as a comic and entertainer, I’m learning how to develop a routine that is so authentically Julian no one can accuse me of ripping it off.

If you find yourself justifying your choices to haters today, take a second and see if there is any basis for their mouthiness. If so, make the appropriate changes. If not, don’t spend a second worrying about them. If you’re like me, you really don’t have time to be bothered with them anyway.

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