If it ain’t broke…

don’t fix it it will be soon.

I feel you girl.
I feel you girl.

That’s the theme of the day, one of which I was reminded while at Best Buy shopping for a new computer to replace the one that died after a fall on the way to the toilet.  It was a pretty crappy way to spend an afternoon.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Cut to the cursing, the pleading, the bargaining with Jesus to just let the laptop work, the blaming of the dog, the futile search for a recovery disk that is nowhere to be found (if anyone needs Microsoft Works 2003 on floppy drive, I got the hookup), and finally the acceptance that today is going to be an expensive day.

In one way or another we’ve all been there.  Your car died on the way to the interview.  Your kid wanted to see if he could juggle the crystal glasses at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Whatever.  We all know how easy it is to let unplanned detours throw us completely off track.  I certainly had plans on being super productive today and making a lot of progress on a writing project I’m undertaking.  Hours into trying to solve my broken computer situation I was all but prepared to give up for the day.  And then I remembered something….

Hate may be a little strong; but if you have that thing that you'd rather be doing than your day job ,then you understand how blondie and I feel.
Hate may be a little strong; but if you have that thing that you’d rather be doing than your day job ,then you understand how blondie and I feel.

Here are some things to chew on the next time life kicks you in the ass.

  • Don’t  crap on other people.  Chances are the only people who will show you sympathy are the ones you’re most inclined to dump on.
  • Ask for help.  Normally I like to do everything by myself, but I stopped to take the time and asked a lot of questions at Best Buy.  Not only did I get a better machine, but I got some great ideas for future posts and learned something new.  Shoutout to Benjamin and Samantha who were extremely helpful.
  • You’re entitled to make excuses, but really no one cares. If you’re interested in having what you’ve always had, then keep doing what you’ve always done.  For me, that’s been stalling out on projects when they get tricky or my schedule gets really full.  What about you?
  • Use setbacks to make new goals.  I’m going to christen my new toy by committing myself to doing some serious writing every day.  Now that I’ve been forced to invest in myself, it’d be a shame to let it go to waste.  It’s kind of like following up a trip to the gym with a McRib.

If you’re old enough to read you already know that things will go wrong at every inopportune moment.  That won’t change.  We might as well change our response.  Hey, if it doesn’t work you can always go back to throwing a tantrum and mailing it in.  Thoughts?

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