30 in 30

Now that February 3rd is upon us, there are officially 30 days left in my 20s.  That’s right; I am without a doubt a grown ass man.  Rather than fighting Father Time*, I’m determined to just embrace the next stage of my development and set goals to end the next decade in a better place personally and professionally than this decade.

For the record, if I did fight Father Time, I would whoop his ass*
For the record, if I did fight Father Time, I would whoop his ass*

I’m sure the next month will bring fond memories of Goldschlager-influenced conquests, night club dares, and not paying bills on time.  I already miss being able to play back-to-back days on the basketball court and still functioning like a normal human being.  And at this point I will happily choose sleep after 11pm over doing almost anything (or anyone).  That said, I know I’m not old and I’m really looking forward to the way that I’ll continue to evolve.  So for right now…

30th_birthday_button-p145946790342413919qd2b_400What, if anything, has age taught you?  At whatever stage in life you are, are you making a conscious effort to keep updating your inner software?  Here are a couple things I’m actively processing:

  • Being liked is overrated.  As a comic, I definitely want everyone to like my act, but the more I allow that to define what I say and do, the harder it is to be authentic.  Whether we’re onstage or just on the street though, it’s impossible to live sustainably if our happiness depends on other people’s approval.  Instead, just be true to self.  Some people won’t like it and that’s ok.  We call those people haters and they are good for motivation and material.  Besides, I barely have time for my friends.  Why spend time on my detractors?
  • Being lazy is overrated. I happily survived high school and college (with awesome grades I might add) while pledging allegiance to the idea that doing the least amount of work possible was most ideal.  Nearly a decade removed from Amherst College I realize that the key to my own success is largely in my hands.  It actually feels good *gasp* to accomplish lofty goals — good in a way that lasts longer than the effect of the procrastination wormholes of porn, Facebook, and Wikipedia.
  • I might not live forever. The jury is still out on this one because who knows where science will take us, but growing older will definitely help one come to grips with the fleeting nature of time.  There was a time when the only medicine in my cabinet was hangover relief and now I have four different creams for muscle aches alone.  It’s probably worth it to not take days/time/people for granted, huh?

For those of you already over this milestone, what changes in your mindset did you notice?  How did you handle it?

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