Sickservations: Random ponderings while laying on the couch with a fever

Don't worry. It's a weed pill.
Don’t worry. It’s a weed pill.
  • When the remote control is too far away, one will get stuck watching CNN for hours on end.  After a certain time, one will want to pull one’s ears off ones face.  Hard as it is, try to turn off the TV.
  • The dog will wait until the lone moment one gets comfortable to decide that it is the moment to poop.  He will then take his sweeeeeet ass time trying to find the perfect spot. 
  • My skills at Words With Friends are still good through 101.3 degrees.  Anything higher than that and the only word I can play is “duhhhhh.”
  • Having health insurance is a wonderful thing; being able to take a sick day like today is great.  Being able to use sick days to blow off work when you’re healthy is even better.  
  • The thought of the emails that will have inevitably piled up in one’s email will add 3 levels of suffering to one’s existence.
  • Not allowing setbacks to derail one’s goals (i.e writing this freaking blog) will ease some of that suffering.

What’s your plan for muddling through the flu?

Let's talk about it.

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