Spring Breakdown

Friends the time has come to end my brief hiatus.  I have been enjoying my #staycation probably a little too much this past week.  There is nothing sweeter than Spring Break (or Winter Break for that matter) for an educator.  I’m sure my kids think that this time off is for them.  NOPE!  If you don’t give teachers a couple weeks off periodically, they will go insane and resort to sniffing dry erase markers to get through the day.


I’ve been trying to use my time off somewhat productively but I’ve found that what I’ve mostly needed was rest. In an effort to push ourselves to make everything happen at once, it is easy to get caught up and forget to make room for mental health. So here is your quick dose of advice: don’t do shit today!

Perhaps you aren’t lucky enough to have a job with built in breaks; carve out an afternoon and dedicate it just to you. Drop the kids off at Granny‘s house or with your least sketchy neighbor, go to Trader Joe’s and get a $3 bottle of wine (or whatever your drug of choice is) and sit your butt on the couch.  You deserve it.

Say no to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., for a little while.  I’ve found that the more I’m enjoying the day with people, the less inclined I am to need to record every minute of it.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about social media.  But let’s not forget the beauty of just plain social.

Go  somewhere cheap and out of character.  Okay, so maybe this technically counts as doing shit, but it’s worth it.  If you do have the luxury of having a little while off, break out of your funk by switching up your routine. I, for example, took my dog on a long hike through Runyon Canyon, a first for the dog and a second for me. Trip highlights included getting tangled up on the side of a cliff as Dodger chased several other terriers and cleaning up vomit after that same puppy disapproved of my driving technique.  We will obviously be going back for more.  Just the act of altering one’s normal routine can provide a refreshing boost of perspective.  Don’t let your wallet hold you down. Hiking the canyon, like so many great day escapes is mostly free.  I only had to buy vomit-removal supplies.

Everybody deserves a day or two to lay around and show their ass.  But don't be a baby forever!
Everybody deserves a day or two to lay around and show their ass. But don’t be a baby forever!

Spring Bend, don’t Spring Break.  It’s pretty easy over vacation to lose total momentum on diets, workout plans, writing goals *ahem*, or whatever project that’s important to you.  As we’ve already discussed, it’s essential to have some time to wind down and decompress.  It reenergizes the creative process and allows us to stay sane. But don’t let yourself off the hook for so long that you forget how the hook feels.  It takes discipline to accomplish goals and that very discipline will make the downtime that much sweeter.

Spring Break is about so much more than boobs and margaritas.  Do yourself a favor in your off time, and don’t do shit.

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