Life sucks. Laugh about it.

Sorry dear friends to leave you so long without an update. Between traveling across the East Coast with 28 11th graders (reason enough to write a book or pull my hair out) and having virtually all of my technology fail me, it’s been tricky to find the time. I am, however, back at work; so I have even more motivation to update Token’s Tokens instead of completing expense reports.

A case of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or one of the 4077th’s finest.

Since the last time I posted, it seems like the world is a little closer to going completely crazy. We all know about the cowardly, disgusting bombings at the Boston Marathon. Texas is having its own series of calamity from public servants being gunned down over stolen TV sets to fertilizer plants exploding. Not to be outdone, Kim Jong Un-stable seems more determined than ever to force Corporal Klinger and the rest of the MASH unit back to Korea.

In times like these it can be less painful to jab a fork into one’s eyeballs than to turn on the news. It’s no wonder our culture is so full of stories about superheroes and bad ass cops/detectives as well as reality TV “stars” parading their fabulous lives. The world needs Family Guy and American Dad to help us not take serious issues so seriously. One could do a lot worse than the WWE for escapist high-drama with some ass kicking mixed in (and men in underwear, whatever). We’re all searching for a way to escape actual reality, to pretend that the shit around us doesn’t smell so bad.

There is an old axiom: laughter is the best medicine. And it is! (It is also available in plant form in several states as prescription-grade medicine). While root canal patients and women in labor may disagree and prefer painkillers, those of us left to react to the daily struggles of life should work to incorporate as many opportunities to laugh into our diet. The major difference between happy people and sad clowns is the ability to find the positive nugget in anything.

Yes your car broke down. Now you can sit next to that guy who looks like the missing link on the bus.

santa rip
Somebody’s going to feel pretty silly when they realize they’ve been crying over a man whose claim to fame is repeated cases of breaking and entering.

No you didn’t get that promotion. But now you have a reason to go to that open mic you’ve been putting off and poop all on your boss.

You just got some really troubling news. It’s ok.  Cry for a little while but remember that your face will stay like that if you leave it for too long.  Turn that frown upside down, buckaroo!

You broke your leg on national television. You’ll be able to impress girls with a cool scar and avoid metal detectors for the rest of your life (just as soon as you learn to walk again).

At the end of the day, all we have is perspective. So rather than allowing the unavoidable drama to become a weight that takes you under, free yourself with a hearty laugh. Even if you have to fake it at first, know that if you survive whatever is bringing you down, it’ll be a story worth enjoying.

Where do you turn when you’re feeling particularly over it?

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