Do you POOP enough?

Like any self-respecting 21st century American, I check my email as soon as I wake up. It’s important to know what’s going on while the crust in one’s eyes is still fresh and crispy.  So there I was this morning doing my thang when I saw that very question as the subject of my first email.

People who know me well know that I’m a pretty regular guy.  They also know that I’m not one to really talk about my bathroom time because, well, it’s MY bathroom time.  I’m not squeamish or proper; I just don’t find a ton of pleasure in poopyness.  Yet here I was confronted with it the very first thing in the morning. toilet

As it turns out, the email was in relation to a health program I’ve been following, advocating the benefit of having multiple movements daily.  If you really think about it, this isn’t news.  Anyone who has ever spent a day with a baby knows firsthand that it is well within our nature to shit repeatedly.

But for some reason this morning (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions) the concept of this email took on a much bigger meaning for me. I had to stop and ask myself, do I really poop enough?

How many emotions, resentments, stereotypes, fears, etc. am I holding on to internally? Is my psyche constipated by issues that I should have released long ago?  Would I be healthier or more productive if I added more social and emotional fiber to my diet?

watermelonThere are so many things that keep us trapped where we are.  It’s certainly one’s right to hold on to all of that baggage.  Think, for example, about how many times you’ve been out in public and needed to drop a deuce and the only restrooms around were sketchy gas stations or in places that made Port Authority look like Buckingham Palace.  You’ll hold it in for hours and just be mad and uncomfortable all to yourself.  I fear that many of us are going through similar turmoil in our emotional intestines because we haven’t found a safe and comfortable place to just let it go.everyone poops

Find some time to take care of yourself today.  Visit your emotional latrine.  Get comfortable.  Bring a book.  Hang your shirt on the door.  And push until you’re ten pounds lighter.  When you’re ready, come on out and see if you can’t approach the world with a new bounce in your step.

So — do YOU poop enough?

Let's talk about it.

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