Writer’s block or lazy sack of crap?

Here is a statement that isn’t news to anyone who’s maintained a blog: it is hard work!  Assuming that one has the time to carve out regularly to sit down and write, there is still the ongoing battle of exactly what the hell to say.  I often find myself staring at a mostly blank page wishing I were more interested in collecting stamps or playing Farmville than putting my thoughts out into the universe.  (OK, truthfully, collecting stamps sounds like the worst possible use of time ever).080911_writers_block

In times like these I’m reminded of a great piece of advice I heard in a movie: “Hey kid, shut up and eat the fucking corn!” (Ten points to anyone who can identify the movie). I think the point that my movie sage was so eloquently making is that there are always roadblocks to whatever it is that you want to do.  Whether it’s surviving the last day of Jewish summer camp — there’s your one clue — or, in my case, trying to fill the interweb with my creative content, at some point you just have to stop talking and start doing.

I’m sure that the way that I want to use this space will continue to evolve.  For the most part, though, Token’s Tokens is my place to keep it real about current events and cultural trends.  So much is going on around us everyday and as someone who claims to be2009-03-31-ninjas_hate_writers_block a writer, it is my privilege to shed light on it.  Yes, I will “eat the fucking corn.”

Life happens.  We all get busy  or distracted or bored.  I think the thing that separates those who are ultimately happy with themselves and those who aren’t is the ability to look beyond being busy/distracted/bored and getting stuff done.  Staring at a blank page is difficult.  But so is being a loser that can’t finish anything.  Don’t be a loser.

The older I get, the more determined I am to not get in the way of my own success, so I just push through.  I’m finding that I have to be better about carving out specific time every day/week to write, comment, brainstorm, etc. or else my progress is limited.  I’m also finding that I don’t have to give in to the pressure of being hilarious with every sentence I ever type.  Being honest and forthright can be at least just as valuable.  Writing is not like being on stage.   When you find yourself stymied by writer’s block or just having too much stuff to do, how do you persevere?

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