May Tokens

They say those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.  Whoever they are, they’re right of course.  With that in mind I find myself reflecting on a few of the lessons from the month of May that will stick with me moving forward.

Greatest female MC of all time or Detroit's most active Jehovah's Witness?
Greatest female MC of all time or Detroit’s most active Jehovah’s Witness?
  • Pay your taxes. Don’t end up like Lauryn Hill.  Not only is it sad seeing celebrities go to jail for ridiculous offenses like tax evasion, it’s incredibly funny.  I’m looking at you Wesley Snipes.  If they got Al Capone, you should have know they would come for your black ass.  Look, you’re not above the law.  You’re not that special.   Sidenote: Does anyone else think the judge who sentenced Ms. Hill to time behind bars would have been better off sentencing her to time in the studio to finish her album? She could probably do something with Akon over at #KonviktMuzik.
  • The Dodgers suck and that’s ok. Anyone else who’s been watching my favorite team’s ups and downs whentheDodgerslosethis year knows it’s been rough sailing.  (My apologies to those of you who don’t care at all about sports.  Imagine instead your favorite movie actor starring in the most hyped film of his/her career only to sit through the first act which involves them shitting in a port-a-potty while reading an expired phonebook.  It’s the same thing).  But, in accepting the inevitability of the futility of being a sports fan, I find myself enjoying the journey nonetheless.  They’ll get better.  Or they won’t.  There’s always next year.  More importantly, there’s always a three hour distraction in the form of a game all summer long.  I’ll take it.
  • fleas_navidog2Don’t buy generic flea kill. Trying to be a good puppy parent on a budget, I bought some stuff that promised to help my little guy remain flea free for 30 days.  Three days later, everyone in the house is scratching like a crackhead playing a lotto ticket.  You get what you pay for I guess.  I could go on with this one, but I have to go roll around on the carpet for a while.

As summer approaches, what lessons has the Springtime left with you?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Let's talk about it.

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