Ode to Miley Cyrus

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Miley was twerking
and what did you do?

Shock, awe, and outrage
Cultural war
Why is she naked,
that post-Disney whore?

Why is she shoving
her fresh lady part
on Robin(‘s) Thick(e’s) penis
and breaking dad’s heart?


She’s knows that it’s achy.
She’s knows that it’s breaky.
La da di da di
This girl’s ass must shaky.

And why did you watch it
and facebook and tweet?
Were you hoping, like Janet,
she’d show us a teat?

Were you hoping and thinking
she’d never grow up,
that sweet little Hannah
would stay an A-cup?

Were you hoping for something
more classy to see?
Then why were you watching
shit on MTV?

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