Week in Review: 8/25 – 8/31

Welcome folks to the inaugural Week in Review, where every Sunday we’ll take a look at some of the most memorable moments in and outside of my personal bubble, talk a little bit of crap about them, and then forecast the future.  Comments and contributions are welcomed.   We will also speak frequently in the royal we.  Here we go!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowIf you live anywhere in the inner Solar System, you’re aware that this happened last Sunday at the VMAs. I’ve already given my thoughts on our girl Miley so I won’t bore you with a rehash, but there are a couple other nuggets to extract from this little twerking incident.

  • Thank God Miley’s “outfit” didn’t match Robin Thicke‘s.  Her gyrations would’ve irrevocably hypnotized poor Jaden Smith in the front row.
  • Is it ironic to sing “Blurred Lines” in a suit with lines so bold it could cause blurry vision?
  • If you watch Honey Boo Boo, you’re not allowed to even comment on this whole situation.
  • If you can’t shake your ass when you’re 20 and it’s still firm (and people want to see it), when can you?


Meanwhile in the Jules universe, the beginning of the week marked the beginning of school.  All the children are back and eager to learn and run with scissors.  As you can see, I am coping with being back quite well…

When is winter vacation again?
When is winter vacation again?


Some may have heard that comedy’s very own Phantom of the Stand-up, Dave Chappelle, had a little incident at a club when he literally sat out his own show and laughed at the audience’s

Maybe Dave just needed a Red Balls....
Maybe Dave just needed a Red Balls….

disrespect.  You can read about it here if you’d like.  Depending on your inclinations (it seems in many cases, depending on your race) you either feel like Dave’s performance was sad and awkward or you think that the audience was out of hand.   Here are my two cents:

  • Try going to the opera and heckling somebody.  If you feel like you have something funny to say, try an open mic.  For a great list of ones in your area, visit http://www.badslava.com
  • Mr. Chappelle, just in case you’re losing a second of sleep over that lost 25 minutes, remember the tag line on your show that ended too soon: “I’m rich bitch!”


Here on the other side of the country, young Dodger had a big week of his own.  A trip to the vet

Dodger in the waiting room looking like the ferocious beast that he is.
Dodger in the waiting room looking like the ferocious beast that he is.

which included a series of shots and then a bout of diarrhea were his highlights.  In both cases, they ran smoothly.  (I could not resist).

He took his shots like a champion (or a heroin addict, I’m not sure — either way, D was really comfortable with the needle).


All in all, we had a strong week filled with building good writing and exercise habits and surviving cute but shitty puppies and children.  So here’s to next week.  You’ve got your work cut out for you.  Now, I’m no psychic but I thoroughly expect the following to happen before my next update:

  • We’ll discover skeletons in the closet of another Disney star that’ll make Miley’s need to shake her groove thing seem like a trip to Vacation Bible School.
  • Speaking of skeletons, Lamar Odom will get a deal for a reality show based on all his recent troubles.  It will air opposite Keeping Up with the Kardashians prompting Kanye to cut a diss record about him, sending him into a further tailspin, sending the ratings further up.
  • We’ll get closer to bombing Syria and most people won’t notice because it’s football season.

Have a great week everybody!

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