Week In Review: 9/1 – 9/7

Hey kids. Welcome once again to the Week in Review where we….review the week.  Seriously, it’s in the title. Shall we?

Marshall_Ramsey_Cartoon_Happy_Labor_Day_Made_In_China-1LGAnother Labor Day came and went.  Some of you went to the beach.  Some had a cookout.  Most spent the day on social media talking about how much they enjoy being off work (where they normally spend the day on social media talking about how much they can’t wait to be off work).  I know I personally love any Monday that doesn’t act like a Monday, so my week was off to a good start.  Not everyone was off on Labor Day though.  The landscapers across the street were working very hard. But I think this photo shows they found a good way to combine the work they had to do with the spirit of the day:Maybe they were trying to plant a tequila tree….

This week was also full of culinary news. While on a walk through my neighborhood I discovered a food truck festival.  Few things excite me more than paying $5 for a single order of fries.  And if the truck has a sticker saying it’s been featured on the Food Network? Forget about it.  There’s 2013-09-06 20.42.26something about the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that makes me really appreciate this culinary style.  There are always such interesting fusions and unique flavors, far from the “roach coach” stigma they had when I was little.  Maybe you don’t need walls to be a legit business.  (A note: that is true only for food trucks, not for the guy selling remote control helicopters in the mall).

In national food news, I stumbled across this little known fact: 2013-09-07 19.12.11Bet you didn’t even know it was Love That Chicken Month.  Thank you Popeye’s!  I know I speak for a lot of people when I tell you how glad I am that this isn’t happening in February.

How was your week?

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