Day 4: Justifiable Couchlock

It’s day 4 of my #30BlogsIn30Days series in which I am spending a month pulling back the curtain on my token life.  (If you missed the beginning of my soul purge, feel free to check here, here, and here.)

I made it a whopping 3 days, 10% of my goal, before my first bout of the “what-the-hell-should-I-write-about” blues.  I really want to be able to recount all my fun or odd experiences, but there’s just little problem today — I ain’t doing a damn thing!

My plan for the day is to sit on my butt and watch at least a dozen episodes of Judge Judy.  Right before my ass becomes too numb to move, I’ll get food and take the dog out and then resume my spot with her honor.  I’ve got a lot of big goals for the immediate future (not least of which is writing this blog), but I am learning that I have to pace myself.  I always try to tackle too many projects at once and something inevitably suffers in the end.

GD right, what?
GD right, what?

A big part of being productive is having the energy to be productive. If your tank is running on empty, you can’t possibly be effective doing the things you want to do. Every day doesn’t have to be a go go go day.  Sometimes we make progress by just standing still.

So today is a mental health day.  There will be room for the gym, open mics, and other major life progress soon enough.  Right now I just want to take joy in the fact that it’s a day I don’t have to go into the office or spend most of it thinking about other people. For today, I made a commitment to write about my situation every day so here I am. That’ll do.

When is the last time you took a day for yourself?  Do you work hard and never play or just the opposite?  How do you find your balance?  I’d love to know!  In the meantime, the dog and I will be on the couch laughing at ratchet litigants.

If I could only reach the remote….

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