one flu over the cuckoo’s nest

Happy hangover everyone and merry New Year!

So what did you do for New Year’s?  Did you stay up late and dance the night away?  Did you wake up early and watch the Rose Parade? Perhaps you ignored your friends and family for the sake of a day’s worth of football games.  I, for one, decided that come hell or high water I was staying up past midnight and joining the rest of impolite society.

And that is what I did.  Official crash time: 12:05.

When I awakened I felt like a change had come over me.  This palpable energetic force field took over my body. Something was different.  2014 was not going to start with a bang for me (well…); it would start with a retch.  I woke up with the flu on New Year’s Day.


A couple things are different about this flu though.  For one, I absolutely earned it.  My husband, who was gone for over a week, came home late on December 30th with a fever of his own and the first thing I did was make out with him. The hypochondriac in me was dying the whole time, screaming for me to abort mission and self-preserve.  But the partner in me would rather be sick and connected than healthy and distant (and still have to take care of him anyway).  I feel like I have a little better sense of the price of love: it’s over 100 degrees.

Secondly, there’s the fact that I’m still up writing my blog.  We’re on day 9 of #3BlogsIn30Days and so far it’s ben a stretching activity for me.  Forcing myself to

I feel ya Snoop.

come up with regular content and also share who I am will have more benefits long term than anything else.  The excuses I make will not.  There are doers and there are talkers.  I know what I want to be.

This year I’ve traded champagne for Thera-flu, party hats for puke bags.  And I feel like a new man.

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