the beginning of the end

Today is the last day of Winter vacation.

Sure, there is the weekend, but that hardly counts.  Last I checked, there’s always the weekend — kind of like a buy 5, get 2 free deal for educators.  So today is the last official day where I feel free.  And it comes on borrowed time, like a convict enjoying a nice meal before she turns herself in.

I had a lot of plans and lofty goals for my vacation.  I was going to be super productive and get a ton of things done.  Truthfully I have been productive and I’m cutting myself a break for not checking everything off my list.  Let’s blame it on the flu or the dog or anything else but me.  I’ve begun writing every day via these #30BlogsIn30Days and I expect to have built up a sufficient habit in that to just continue the daily exercise via more blogs, sketches, poems, jokes, etc.

So here I am on Friday morning, already thinking about what is going to come my way on Monday.  Truthfully the worst part about going back for me is having to recount what I did 100 times and pretending like I’m interested in what everyone else did.  This year I’m giving 10 second answers and changing the subject.  It’s not that I don’t care (completely); I just don’t like participating in the ritual of small talk and there is no greater time for it than after a long vacation.

I wonder if I could pull this off at my office...
I wonder if I could pull this off at my office…

So what is a boy to do when he feels the walls closing in?  I’m tempted to really start kvetching and acting salty all day.  But you know what?  I’m 30, I’ve gotten used to eating, and my job isn’t even all that bad.  Besides, none of that will change the fact that when Monday comes I will have to go in and get it together.  Unless I still have the flu….

Life, for the most part, is about acceptance.  Things happen and we respond to them.  Instead of thinking about how quickly my break passed and how much I want it to continue, I’ll think about the handful of people that I’m happy to see and the fact that every day brings me one day closer to when these rugrats graduate and I can transition into summer mode.   Instead of focusing on the vacation I’ve lost, let’s enjoy the vacation I have left.

So here’s to one more Friday in my underwear with bad tv in the background.  Here’s to one more day of blogging when I want to and setting the schedule that I choose.  Here’s to one final weekend of pretending I don’t know where the gym is and remembering all too well what chocolate is.

So, vacation, thank you for the memories. Let’s do it again this Spring.

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