why don’t you call me sometime (just not today because I don’t have a phone)?

I don’t know what straw broke the camel’s back, but I do know what fall broke the donkey’s phone.

As I watched my beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4 drop seven feet to the floor a feeling of slight dread crept over me.  It was only slight because I’d dropped my phone many times before.  There is always that hope that the device will survive my clumsy whims, that it’ll bounce off the hard linoleum back into my loving hands and function just the same. And yet, I know this is a deadly game, one that I will inevitably lose. I still haven’t figured out why such expensive, groundbreaking technology is so, well, groundbreakable.  phone guy

In the fifteen minutes or so that I’ve been without my “life companion” (Samsung’s words, not mine) I am already starting to feel something coming over me. I feel naked, but not in a fun way — kind of like Batman without his utility belt.  I feel cut off from the world around me.  The irony is that I’m typing a blog while chatting online and answering emails; however, without my handheld communicator it just doesn’t feel the same.

My mind races to all the things I won’t be able to do over the next 24 hours or so — all the text messages I cannot send, all the selfies I’ll take and never post, the words that will remain friendless.  I think about the jokes I may have to write by hand and the streets I’ll have to trust are empty without my GPS.  I do phantom Google searches in my mind and consider the programs I won’t reinstall.  I feel myself getting a little antsy.  I twitch ever so slightly.

In short, I behave a little like a crack fiend.

Truly happy people know how to live in a world full of screens and still de-connect.  The busier I get, the more I forget that lesson.  I can be so wrapped up in my devices that I lose sight of their true purpose — to bring me closer to the physical world around me. Breaking my phone like a dumb ass gave me a temporary wake up call and an opportunity to chill out for a day.

broken phone

Everyone should schedule regular cell phone free days.  If you’re feeling particularly bold, schedule a CPFD and then spend it talking to someone, you know face to face.  It may feel weird and a little scary, but you’ll be in a better position to cope when nature takes your phone away from you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit in the alley and scratch myself until my new phone arrives.

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