forget me note

Sometimes I think I’d forget to bring my ass with me if I weren’t too busy sitting on it.

This was almost me this morning. I’m sure the 10th graders would’ve appreciated.

The afternoon has only just begun and I already feel like I may need to start this day over with my brain properly attached. It wasn’t until I had gotten all the way to the gym that I realized I didn’t bring any work clothes. I sat at the intersection, contemplating going to work in post-workout sweatpants and the tshirt I slept in. Cursing myself I turned the car around and headed home to try to reboot. After spending just enough time to make sure that I would be late for work, I promptly sped out of the house (again), this time forgetting the lunch that I’d gone through the trouble of cooking the night before.

I am not one usually prone to forgetfulness so I was clearly feeling off my game.  I contemplated this as I walked to the store to buy lunch to replace the one I left rotting on the kitchen counter.  That’s when I realized I left my wallet back in my office.  $#!+@$$!

There are days when I feel like I can conquer the world.  Today hasn’t started out as one of those days.  Feeling forgetful completely throws off my mojo.  I start to question every decision that I make.  I begin waiting for the next thing to go wrong.  Soon enough I’m caught in a downward spiral of feeling like a jerk and not getting anything done that I need.

Ironically, the only thing to do with these feelings is to forget them.  The more I linger on my own stupidity, the more likely I am to do something else stupid.  Having a short memory of one’s mistakes  assures that he will be willing to take risks and put himself in situations that might not always work out.  Such is the essence of growth.  I didn’t make it to the gym this morning; that’s fine.  That can’t affect what happens to me the rest of the day or whether or not I go to the gym tomorrow.  I left my lunch; that’s fine too.  If it hasn’t expired I already have dinner made.


I refuse to say that I’m having a bad day.  I’m just having to overcome more challenges of my own lunacy than normal.  So I’m going to tape my wallet to my leg, put my work clothes for tomorrow in my car tonight, and cut myself a little slack.

And if when I get home I’m still feeling a little on edge, I bet I can find something in the house that’ll alter my short term memory and make being forgetful a helluva lot funnier.

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