how to pack for vegas

With 56 minutes to go before I plan on leaving for Las Vegas, I thought now would be a good time to write my daily blog and start packing.

This is what Las Vegas does to me.  I’m so into fun mode that I can barely bring myself to b bothered with details like having a change of underwear or a toothbrush.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, including gum disease right?

But since I must pack with haste allow me to share some insights I’ve gleaned for packing for a successful trip to the city of lost wages.

  • Bring condoms, but leave your expectations at home.  Whatever you think is going to actually happen in Vegas will almost certainly not and if you’re caught up in the fantasy, you will probably miss something really cool in front of you.  Go with the flow and get your boy scout on and #BePrepared.


  • Do not waste time with light jackets; it will either be Dante’s Inferno hot or recently jobless and newly fat ex-girlfriend cold.  Bring your flip-flops and your parka and go sit by the pool.



  • And while you’re at it, bring a watch.  The city will do everything in its power to keep you from knowing what the hell time it is.  It’s incredibly easy to wander from casino to casino never seeing the light of day or going outside.  With all the security cameras and potential crooks everywhere, it’s kind of like a really fun minimum security correctional facility actually.


  • Pack as much humility as you can muster. The more shit you talk, the greater the chances are that you’ll have to eat it.  There is nothing more fun than the strut of that pre-Vegas walk.  Beware, though.  The post-Vegas walk is often son of a bitch.  Talk softly and then bet on black.


  • The only other thing you really need is someone with whom to share the adventure.  The real magic of Vegas is the fantasy of it, getting lost in a temporary Shangri-La.  Let’s face it, if you do that alone you’re kind of a loser.  So grab your best road companion, stop worrying about the things you may not have packed, and have the best time that you aren’t allowed to discuss.

Bon voyage!

3 thoughts on “how to pack for vegas”

  1. and remember you are not going to Timbuk Three, If you forget something, you can buy it. It will cost you about five times as much, but they DO have whatever you forgot and can’t live without.

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