100 Things I’m Grateful For

As I reflect over the first 99 posts I’ve made here on my blog I’m honestly a little shocked that I managed to keep it up this long.  I have never been one for journaling and as much as I want to be famous (notorious, whatever) I’ve never been fully comfortable with just freely sharing what I’m thinking.

Funny-Animals-01-Dear-Lord-ThanksBut now as I reach post 100, I have a slightly more than arbitrary point to pause and reflect.  So with that I offer something a little different from my normal advice-driven sarcastithon that is Token’s Tokens.  In the spirit of sharing, here are 100 things for which I am grateful, in no particular order: 

A spouse who loves me
A wicked sense of humor
Season 1 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
The ability to dunk a basketball
Friends I speak to infrequently without any time passing between conversations
Awkward hookup stories
Brown rice
A job with paychecks that support my habit
My habit
Living in California
Non-psychotic ex-lovers
The plane joke my friend gave me
The joke that killed that I can’t do anymore
Final Draft
The WWE Network
My group of antelopes
Facebook chat
Raw almonds
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Rain during a drought
Adoring students
The Samsung family of electronics
The Spanish guitar
Improving public transportation in LA
My car in the meantime
Comedy bookers who like me
Squatting 300  lbs.
The occasional Girl Scout Cookie
A degree in religion even when a degree in Writing would’ve made more sense.
Being comfortable in my own skin
Faking it until I make it
Allergy medicine
My puppy
How quickly my puppy was housebroken (mostly)
Sound logic
The color purple
The Color Purple
Not being born in the 1700s
That the Olympics are over
That it’s ok to be gay in America
Having a washing machine at the house
The Dodgers
Not having to dodge the draft
The stereotypes I’ve had to overcome
The stereotypes I embrace
Being a storyteller
Coaching basketball
Great harmony
Disagreements without disrespect
The number 13
The poetry of Jill Scott
Inside jokes
Giving good advice
Receiving good advice
The generosity of strangers
Not having a prison record
Headphones that fit but don’t hurt my tiny ears
This blog
The blogs I read
Having a good sense of direction
The existential crisis that has simmered underneath the surface since high school
Gospel music
Mr. Goepel’s AP US History class
A Catholic pope who acts like Jesus
The writings of Malcolm Gladwell
Nordstrom Rack
The empanadas de platano macho at Mercado in Santa Monica
Back massages
Almost every episode of the Golden Girls (wtf was up with the Cheese Man?)
That time some lady recognized me outside of TJMaxx for a cappella
Cheat days
V-neck undershirts
Knowing how to tie a Windsor knot
The American Dream
Enduring roller coasters at Six Flags
People who tell me I can’t do something
People who tell me I can do anything
Elizabeth Berkeley’s performance in Showgirls
Route 9
Garrett Morris
A well-crafted mojito
The Star-Spangled Banner
Second chances
Social media
Charlie Brown holiday specials
My blog followers
My contingency plan
People who read the bible as if there weren’t videotape of God writing it
Long weekends
The bat signal
Mosco Rosco
Amherst College
The light at the end of the tunnel

What would you add to the list?  I’d thank you for reading, but that’d be #101….

2 thoughts on “100 Things I’m Grateful For”

  1. Well, at this moment, I would add Yoko Ono’s mesmerizing caterwaul. But knowing that next week I will probably be as over it as I am Rebbie Jackson, I’ll go safe and say chocolate in all forms.

    And if these were ranked, Elizabeth Berkley’s performance in SHOWGIRLS would be near the top.

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