Why I wrote a web series

One thing that I’ve learned in my brief time chasing dreams in entertainment is that trying to get help is like waiting for the bus — you can look all you want to, but it’s not coming until you’re already late.  And if it does show up, it’ll probably be smelly and full of drama.

I’ve had fantasies of being discovered Lana Turner style at some drug store (they’re called dispensaries now though) or telling one set and having a world-famous comedian immediately put me on tour and television.  I’ve thought about how wonderful it’d be to win some contest like Last Comic Standing or Powerball, in which case I could build my own comedy club and always headline.

Well friends, I don’t think any of those things are happening.  So I’ve decided that it’s time to help myself!

I am the architect of my own future because I can control the content I create and put as much of myself into the world as I am willing to share.  It took me over five years of performing to realize that, and now that I do I can’t go back.  I love sharing who I am with the world and I will be damned if I wait for “the powers that be” to recognize or reward it.

The cavalry in action, but what are they doing??  Click to see for yourself!
The cavalry in action, but what are they doing?? Click to see for yourself!

And so I wrote a web series called The Double Minority Report.  It’s silly.  It’s a little racy.  It’s a really good idea of the way I want to spend my time — kicking ass and breaking stereotypes.  (I’ll spare you all the details about the show because I know you’re going to click the link and learn all you need to know for yourself).

One way or another I’m going to make this series a success or give everything I have until there is nothing left.  One way or another I’m going to continue climbing the ranks of stand up comedy ladder until I have the audience I believe I deserve.  I’d be honored for anyone who reads this to be a member of my team.  In being myself I believe I represent others who are different, weird, and freaking proud of it; those who don’t accept bullshit but also don’t take themselves very seriously; those who believe in something but are willing to question it and keep questioning until there are answers that make sense.  The #AmericanUnicorn is here for you!  (I’m determined to make that moniker catch on…).

I wrote the Double Minority Report because the idea seemed really good to me and I was tired of not seeing good ideas through.  I’ve written 12 episodes and a concept episode (which is featured in our Indiegogo campaign), I’ve begun learning how to be a producer, and I’m getting more and more comfortable asking people for money.  Did I mention we have an Indiegogo campaign?  I’m chasing my dreams because they are not waiting on me to catch up to them.

What’s holding you back from yours?

3 thoughts on “Why I wrote a web series”

  1. Thanks for sharing this post, I enjoyed reading it. I’ve decided to start my own youtube channel and so far i’m having lots of fun. i’m glad i decided to start!
    if you want to see what I did yesterday here it is


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