everyday i’m hustlin’

I was happier when I wrote a blog post everyday.

I didn’t have time to do it.  I still don’t.

I often didn’t have anything that I really wanted to say.  I still don’t.  And yet I forced myself to get it done and push my creative boundaries.  That is the point of blogging I think.

Actually, that is the point of life. (It’s ok if I just blew your mind).  It’s about commitment even when the results or rewards seem distant.  It’s about sticking to your guns when you’d rather just shoot yourself.  It’s about winding up farther along (or at least smarter and more experienced) than where you ended up yesterday.

I was watching a Domino’s commercial the other night that really made me think about a lot of things.  Granted, most of those things involved various pig products, but there was a much more important message to come out of that commercial.  Domino’s was championing all the times that they’ve failed,  ideas for food that they had that America decided was too gross to eat.  And they were proud of it!  With every failure, they committed themselves more to being successful.  They have been willing to take risks to discover what works best for their market and they don’t take themselves too seriously to appreciate the bumpy ride.

I want to be more like Domino’s.

So I’m willing to risk looking like a donkey to make art that I like and speaks to people.  I will proudly throw myself into all my projects and life goals regardless of how they turn out, because that’s the only way that they’ll have a chance to succeed.  And I will update this goddamn blog in some kind of way everyday so help me goddess because that will keep my creative juices flowing, keep me honest, and allow me to connect with those of you that like my stuff.

Welcome to the daily hustle of an American Unicorn.  Eat it.

Let's talk about it.

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