Monday morning again

Monday morning again
Another warning again
That time is too short, you don’t want your journey to end

Without your best shot
It’s time to light it up and light it up it in a hurry
And many people will be haters but don’t worry
When you’re standing on top, all of those haters will be buried

Underneath the weight of your solid gold conviction
Speaking words of hope and giving doubt the benediction
So many people struck down by this affliction
Falling from the pressure, tearing from the friction

It’s a trick, son
The world is an illusion
The mighty learn to operate despite all the confusion
To triumph in a game that you do not know all the rules in
They’re careful what they’re using, and careful who they’re choosing

These twisted worldviews need disabusing
So many people chasing green but have the blues, and
I wish we all could spend some time in others’ shoes, and
I wish I wasn’t going broke from paying dues, and

Where do we start to even have a conversation?
We’re all wearing a mask. How are we going to face the nation?
I’m having trouble trying to face my situation.
(I think I have the skill, but do I have the dedication)?

I wake up in a cold sweat; it’s like my dreams are leaking
Nobody’s listening, but I’m doing lots of speaking
Maybe my approach is what could use a little tweaking.
Maybe then I will be peaking,

I could use another weekend.


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