beach day


This was today’s classroom.  (Ok obviously I didn’t take this photo today, but nonetheless this is where I spent my day).  I got to get out of the building and take a group of my kids to the beach for a day or farmer’s markets, taboo, and frank discussions.  The whole experience was very LA — from getting stuck in traffic on the way, to people wearing suede to the beach, to finding it a little chilly because it was under 70 degrees.

it’s so nice to live in a part of the country where basically every day is nice and our biggest worries are the president coming to visit and ruining travel times or a dufus sports owner who still thinks it’s 1956 or the almond butter at the farmer’s market is slightly overpriced.  It’s even nicer to hit the pause button on an otherwise stressful and busy week and just play in the sand.

Do yourselves a favor and schedule a little beach time ASAP.  (If a beach is not available, throw some dirt in the bathroom, get in the tub, and have yourself a private party).


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