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Comedian, writer, token minority Julian Michael brings a style to the stage that is both out the box and in demand. Julian delivers his sharp yet conversational brand of comedy at clubs, colleges, and weed dispensaries across the country. He has often been described as both the whitest black guy and the straightest gay guy, a combination that has granted this walking contradiction a keen ability to unite/offend virtually everyone. An L.A. native, Julian began his career in New York City, performing in iconic venues like the World Famous Comic Strip and Caroline’s on Broadway. He has featured for comedy giants including Katt Williams, Andy Dick, Luenell, and Bill Burr along with TV stars Mark Curry, Wayne Brady, and SNL original Garrett Morris.

Julian, Paris, and the Dick

Julian lures in comedy lovers with an easygoing flow that takes them on a ride from his roots in South Central Los Angeles through his awkward life and beyond, offering commentary on everything from crack heads to the Catholic Church. That is probably the reason he was voted “Audience Favorite” at the first ever Hollywood Comedy Fest hosted at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. With influences ranging from Dave Chappelle and Martin Lawrence to Jerry Seinfeld and Lisa Lampinelli, Julian builds on a legacy of strong storytellers with a penchant for finding the humor in everyday life.


Check out a sample of some of Julian’s recent work:


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